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About me

I’m about the earth.

I’m the co-founder and CTO of Salo, a conservation analytics & monitoring company, and a PhD student at Stanford University in the Center for Conservation Biology. I map biodiversity and climate change with satellites, which is pretty neat.


I’ve spent my career as a research ecologist. My skills include processing, analyzing & visualizing ecologial data, which I’ve used to help understand the evolutionary, environmental & spatial drivers of species diversity and carbon storage. We’re building Salo to further develop these themes by applying novel technological approaches for mapping biodiversity to large-scale conservation and restoration efforts. We’re seeing tons of opportunities to use global ecological data and science to better manage ecosystems worldwide, which I think is also pretty neat.

Below is a list of the peer-reviewed scientific publications I’ve contributed to as an author. You can access my full cv here.


I lead development of the salo python package as CTO at Salo, which will soon be available as an open source library. I’ve lead one other public-facing software project, ccb-id, and I maintain a personal python library.

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