Christopher Anderson

Earth scientist

About me

I'm about the earth.


Our planet is beautiful and wonderful and it is changing very quickly. Following an injury that nearly took my life, I’m living on borrowed time. I’ve decided to spend it trying to make the world a more just, sustainable, and wonderful place. I mostly do this by mapping and communicating how the earth is changing.

This site is a portfolio of the work I’ve done in support of these goals. I focus on integrating images, words & numbers, working to provide insights that are informative, intuitive, beautiful.

You can read more about the scientific publications I’ve led or co-authored in the Research section. The Design section features digital artwork and scientific figures I’ve created. You can learn more about the open source Software I’ve developed for earth science, and browse a collection of featured Photography from my travels to forests around the world.

I co-founded Salo Sciences, a conservation technology company, and I’m a researcher at the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University. I completed my PhD. in 2020 at the Department of Biology at Stanford.

Thanks for reading.